ez-go drive control system


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ez-go mf code f 1896 batteries are charged and hubs are good but it has no power and vibrates like the drive train has a slipping clutch but just bought this cart and have no book on it. don't understand whyit can;t pull a small grade. help ? thanks


I replied in your other thread about this. I'd test your batteries. One weak cell can cause this. Take a voltage reading on each battery with a digital volt meter and post you results. You can do this without disconnecting any cables. Put the run/tow switch in the tow position first.

Your other post says you checked the splines in the hubs already?

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Rod is correct...It is the splines....From a stand still, floor the accelerator, you'll probably just hear a grinding sound. If your cart has hub caps remove the ones on the rear. you will see the axle nut spinning.