EZ-GO Battery Terminal Melted


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I have a 96 EZGO. I replaced the batteries in March of 08 and it has run great with no charge problems or battery problems of any kind. I keep the batteries filled (to the proper level) with distilled water. The connections are all tight and extremely clean. I wll post a picture if I am able to. Last night I was driving (the cart) home and it lost all power. It didn't fade out but instead instantly lost all power. I checked the batteries and the 4th battery had a terminal that has completely (100%) melted off. The wire it was connected to was just dangling which explains the instant loss of power.

I thought that it might have been a loose connection but through the process of the post melting the connection was saughtered together. Which I would think would stop any arching at that point if a loose connection was the problem. Has this happened to anyone? I can get the battery replaced but would fear that it could happen again with more devastating results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can't figure out how to post a picture of the batteries and terminals but if you would like or need to see them just ask and I can send them to you.


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A bad connection will melt the post like you described. Either the connection was loose, dirty or the cable or the lug was bad.

You can drill and tap the flat part of the battery terminal and use a 5/16 stud to hold the cable on. Just make sure you don't drill deeper than 3/4"


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i had the same problem with my 97. be sure to check the connections at the motor. on mine, the cables were tight, but the post were loose in the motor casing. as it turned out, all i had to do was remove the brushes from the motor, shim and retighten (brushes were not worn).

good luck :thumbsup: