Ez Go 48V conversion


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Hey guys, I am working on a hunting buggy that I had to restart, and I just converted a 2006 PDS to 48 volts with new Interstate batteries, a D&D 5021 electric motor, 500 amp Alltrax programmable controller, high amperage 48 V solenoid, and 2 ga cables throughout the cart. I hit the gas, and it takes off fairly quickly, but I guess I was expecting like wheelie popping power with the stock tires and controller programmed for torque plus speed mode.... I didn't expect it to stand up or anything, but I recently had a 48V club car I did with 300 amp controller and 4 hp motor from Nivel, and I couldn't tell a whole lot of difference with the 5 minutes I drove this one.....
It did spin the tires on the concrete some, but I'm wondering....when I mount the 25" X-Trail tires where it can get some traction, will I feel a lot more of the power? I think I'm just losing so much to wheelspin that it doesn't feel impressive... Any opinions out there?


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Well, I got the 25" X-Trail tires installed with a 6" Jake's spindle lift. No rubbing, by the way...I was impressed. The cart will spin the 25's any time I get in loose stuff or gas it fully. It's pretty torquey. For an electric golf cart, it's pretty stout.


You can't go wrong with a D&D motor and Alltrax controller. Glad to hear you're happy with the carts performance...