EZ-Go 36 Volt Textron Charger Timer


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I have an older (1988) 36 volt EZ-Go Marathon with A Textron charger. Although the charger works great and only comes on when the batteries need charging and shuts off when done my question is why does it need the timer on the front. Someone told me that the timer was prone to be problematic and it seems to me that if the timer was bypassed it wiuld work just the same , auto on and auto off. Any one have any input on this? Is this style charger the same era as the 1988 cart? Thanks all !!!
If you are still checking the site I expect if you have a timer there is nothing automatic about your charger. Our 2007 EZGO's charger is not automatic in the sense it goes on and off as needed. It is called automatic but only in the sense it 'reads' the voltage of the battery bank and AUTOMATICALLY shuts off when it is fully charged.

If I by-passed the timer I know I would be on my way to cooking six batteries.


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It has A timer and shuts off and turns on automatically. I set the timer to start and depending on the battery charge condition charger runs till batteries are charged and has never expended the time I set. That was the whole reason for my post.


That would be the correct type of charger for that year cart. If the charger is working without problems don't worry about it. The charger is from 1988 and still working so it can't be to "prone to problems"


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I also have a 1988 EzGo Marathon with a Textron charger. It is model 6701. Is this an auto on and auto off charger? The Ampere meter doesn't work, can someone tell me if they sell replacement gauges for this charger. Thank you