EZ GO 36 Volt Gol Cart 2001 Can I Lift It and Keep The Rest Stock ?


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Happy New Year 2010!!!

Ok, I looked at all the pics of carts you all have modified/built and I am JEALOUS!

My questions:

1) Can I beef my cart up and stay relatively stock?

2) Can I ride in wet boggy areas without getting stuck easily? Can I maybe change the voltage and get the speed up?

3) I want the best of two worlds: I want to ride on a small paved road, about 2.5 miles long (my grandaughter) and I want to go through the weeds and slight bog to bass fish in a small lake way off the road.

Can I do both without spending outlandishly? Or would I be better off rebuilding my Honda 350 4 wheeler?

Thanks for any and all answers!



These golf carts can do a lot more than you think. If your going to be using the cart off road the best place to start is upgrading all your cables to 4 gage. Some good tires will help with the mud.


To answer your ? is Yes you can with just a little money. I would buy a set of off road tires that will fit your rims. Then go for it. if you are just going fishing and it's relitively flat ground yes it will be fine.