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I have an 89 Ez Go that you have to flutter the pedal before it will kick the motor in. I have noticed that sometimes it helps to wiggle the shift lever (the F&R board is new) and other times it seems to help if you pull the choke out. I am not real famiiliar with golf carts, and was just wondering if it could be a switch gone bad or something? Also sometimes the motor turns over but it doesn't fire. This always happens when the motor is warm. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks Dean


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little confused on the description but sounds as though you need to make an adjustment on the carb. try adjusting the butterfly so that it does not completely close all the way set it open just a little. also check the adjustment on the choke make sure that it is opening and closing as it should. try this and get back with us i may be off track with my answer here.


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sounds like it also could be an ignition problem, check the sparkplug as it is a cheap fix, if it is getting bad.