extremely frustrated looking for dynamite lol


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I have a 98 clubcar fe 290d motor in it the problem i am having is the cart will run fine for about 20 or 30 minutes then it will sputter out like its out of gas and if you keep your foot on the gas when it does this it will go to a idle and then pick up and roll a few feet then die and it repeats this process over and over unless you let it sit for a couple minutes then you can get another 20 minutes or so out of it the tank is full the filters are changed the air filter is new i just dont know what it could be please help


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Either trash in the carb. bowl or a fuel line or pick-up tube problem.


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i think theres a vent hole in the gas cap, make sure its not vaper lockin'


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ok there is a vent on top of the tank that has a tube that runs down to a t then there is a tube of the side of the t that goes over to the motor it is just hanging where does this go and will that affect the motor if it isnt hooked up


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You should start a new thread with the year of the cart and detailed information on what the problem is.