Exhaust for 99 CC DS


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I was wondering if the exhaust that is being marketed for CC DS models really improves the torque. Anybody tried this? What model exhaust and where did you get it if so?? I am not looking for top end speed, but for torque. A little sound is OK, but I sometimes cruise the local campgrounds in my cart and dont want to be a bother. Thanks


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There is a Header / Exhaust performance kit with a carb jet and K&N air filter, for the CC FE 290's & FE 350's... For $199.00
It's supposed to boost your power 15% with just a slight increase in sound! (Deeper tone)

Nothing available for EZ Go's or Yami's yet!

I'm also a seasonal at a campground, and I've been known to go back to the camper, fairly late at night! (or, early morning...)
and, My FE350 is already fairly loud,
but I was assured that the performance exhaust
would still be within acceptable limits!

I am VERY interested in getting one, and I will, after I take care of a "Personal Endevor"
(the big "D")

I'd post a link... but I can't remember if I'm allowed to on this forum!
(I'm a member of 4 cart forums... it's hard to keep track of who's rules are who's!)
Maybe HRC will step in, and say it's O.K.!

Sorry it took so long for the reply!