Excited to create this: Cadillac or Mercedes?

Hello! I am doing a makeover on an older 36 Volt Club cart. It's in nice condition and it's my primary set of wheels. I want to have a bit of fun with it besides getting it to be all I need it to be. I'm hoping you'll help me out. :)
Here's what I need from my cart:
1. Get me around my smaller community, up to 20 miles per day.

2. Look good for promoting the Arts. I am part of an art initiative and want my cart to look good for art events.

3. Have a companion trailer to pull behind the Golf Cart.

I take my easel and paints out on bike paths and paint. The area is fairly flat.
I used to take along a gas generator to charge my older Cushman cart when I was concerned of getting stranded. :rolleyes:
(The bike paths aren't used much, certainly not during the week and electric is allowed.)

We'll use this thread for the Body Modification and matching trailer.
Looking for help. :) Thanks in advance!

Here's what I'm thinking about for a body. I had a Cadillac and this looks rather like it but I'm up for driving a Mercedes, too. Ckl.
Has anyone worked with this modification?



That front cowl is for a Club Car Precedent model and you would have a Club Car DS so it won't fit on your cart.
Hi, Hot Rod
I sent the seller an email and received a reply that they would modify the design for a small fee.
Thank you for pointing that out. I should have included this in my original statement.


Prices are crazy high now for custom golf cart bodies. Do a google search for golf cart body kit and you'll find a few places that sell them. The pic you posted looks like a pretty good deal compared to some of the prices I've seen.
Thanks, HotRod. The prices I've seen are crazy and I do think this price is good compared to other items I've viewed online. It would make my cart very special and fun for my purposes.

I've worked on my camper and sailboats doing fiberglass repairs, painting and such. I've never done quite a project as this in fiberglass but I'm quite excited to do it.

My sons golf and I try to be mindful of them when designing this. My Son was kind when he said, "No worries, we can always rent a cart, Mom". Haha, I'm sure he's wondering if this will be pink or all "arty". Ckl