excess play in steering


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this is the last time I will iritate everyone with my problems.... the steering in my cart 1999 ezgo has way to much play, everything seems tight, no obvious worn out joints ect. is there a steering box adjustment like there is on older cars that can take up some of the slack? or is there some common place that comes loose that I am missing???


Don't worry about asking questions thats what we're here for. :)

There's no adjustment on the steering box. There's bushings that will wear out though. Have someone rock the steering wheel back and forth while you look at the shaft in the steering box that the tie rods are connected to and see if you notice play there.


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The bushing in the pitman arm is the culprit for the majority of slop. If ya want factory tight like new, then buy the complete rack and pinion. :thumbsup: :usa: