Ever Do a Wrap on a Golf Cart?


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I'm thinking about putting a wrap on the golf cart instead of painting it. I found this really cool 3M product called Di-Noc, it's a Vinyl tht looks like carbon fiber, and has a texture to it. it's the most realistic carbon fiber vinyl product I have run across. I thin the cart would look great wrapped in this, I estimate it will cost about $350.00 for all the materials, a little more than I wanted to spend, but cheaper than a painted body swap out by a few hundred. Still thinking about it, but it may be really neat...

I'm also thinking about recovering the white plastic hard top with some black interior vinyl, wrap the edges and put a headliner in it. Could be done easily and look really trick. Have the seat and backrest done with the same material.

Any thoughts, anyone done a vinyl wrap before? thanks



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I decided to go with a painted body swap from Liquid Lenny's, the paint want that much more, and the pearl white body will look awesome with a set of new Aluminum black wheels. I'll have to post some photos when I get it completed... just too busy to get it all put together right now.


Sounds like a good plan. Post some pics when you can...


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Wraps are meant to be temporary anyway looks good but I'd be surprised if it lasts 18 months I don't understand why people pay so much for something temporary. My dad's friend charges 2500 to wrap a car in his shop. But then again he charges $10k for a paint job and is always busy. I paint houses for less than $ 5k what am I doing wrong.