Erratic Speed


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2008 Club Car Precedent gas with erratic speed.
I'm new to this forum, but I'm having trouble getting my CC to go faster. My cart is set for golf course speed about 13 MPH. Without going to high speed gears, how can I get more speed? I have tried most of the suggestions here at Cartaholics, but am having trouble with erratic acceleration and sometimes back firing! I've tried the zip tie method and that just leads to no control at low speeds.
I have not disconnected the rev. limiter and the cart is all stock.
Thanks for any additional tips,


The newest Precedent I've worked on was a 2007 but I think the 2008 are the same. Tie off 3 - 4 coils on the governor spring. If you hit the rev limiter zip tie one less coil until you find the sweet spot.

The erratic acceleration and backfiring sounds like the throttle cable isn't adjusted right.