engine won't run I'M REALLY STRUGGLING


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I bought this cart in pieces. It's a builder. It's a carryall-1. 1995. The first cart I have ever owned. Any way When I first brought it home it had no spark, Easy enough, I put a new coil on it and now there is spark. However the engine will only run at a fast idle now, and when I try to rev it up it rev slightly and then slows down. Like it is running out of fuel. I've tried everything, new fuel pump, new fuel lines, I am starting to think it is something else. Do these things have governors? Do they have to be in gear to rev up?
Any info is helpful.
Yes, there is a governor on it. However, I'd suggest pulling the carburetor and cleaning it out REALLY well. Put new, fresh gasoline from a brand-name store in it, and try. Also, for the fast idle, put more throttle cable into the black governor/solenoid box. Try that and see how it is.


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and remember you can put the cart in maintence mode..........yellow knob undr the seat square in the middle there.............pull knob out and turn about 50% and put itback in thanput cart in nealtral so you don,t have to jack the rear end up.........if theres one thing i like about C.C. its the maintence mode..................................