Engine Will Not Shut Off on a Yamaha G16


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i have a 2002 Yamaha cart, i think it is a G16. I snagged a branch the other day and it pulled the connector apart that comes off the engine lower front. two wires, one grounds to engine block, the other goes inside the cowl around the flywheel. it has happened before but this time after re connecting the wire, the engine still runs, even if you disconnect the battery. Pulling the spark plug wire is the only way to stop the engine. I cant see any other wiring problems under the cart, the fuse in the box by the battery is good. I also checked the throttle cable and all linkages and it all looks ok. Some say it could be the relay in the electrical box, or the solenoid in the box by the battery. There is a switch on the gas pedal, but it engages the starter. any ideas where to look?