Engine swap


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Have '87 &'88 club car gas carts.. Both got tired side valve Kaw motors.. Thinking I might try swapping in new power.. At least use 1 for experiment.. Harbor freight has "GREYHOUND" motor, (probably Chinese), they say 13 hp, that looks like it will fit.. Even has the CCW rotation similar to the present engine.. I'm not afraid of extreme modification if the 1"x 2 3/4" shaft will work I can make the other stuff work, whatever!!! Anyboby familliar with this deal or similar.. This harbor freight motor (with coupons,and current deals) is less than $400.00. Friend has one on monster log splitter and motor has done well for him.. Ideas,suggestions,anything.. I'll listen, and respond.. THANKS, LAJim!!!!!!


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ACEGOLFCARTGUY has put this motor in at least two carts. A Yamaha and a CC. If you enter Harbor freight in the Search above you can view his posts about them and possible pick up some hints or tips.