Engine Runs Good for short time


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Help, after replacing the fuel pump and fuel lines it took a long time cranking before the engine would take off. The compression is around 120 PSI. What do I look at next? Carb or Muffler? Engine only runs with choke on!



Did you have to run it with the choke before you did the work? You could try running it with the exhaust pipe unbolted from the head, possible the muffler could be plugged. Also spray some carb cleaner at the crank seals. If they're leaking the RPMs will change from the carb cleaner.


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Along with what HRC suggested, Take your carb apart and clean the main jet (located in the bolt that holds the bowl on) Use carb cleaner and a small wire to ensure the passage is clear.


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i just had this problem and found my motor leaking between the jug and crank housing. as well as the seals and everywhere else.