EMP or Plum Quick


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I'm looking to upgrade my motor and with the kids riding this cart I dont need it going much more than 20. I've spoken to Andrea @ EMP and to Ricky @ Plum Qwick. It sounds like both companies could meet my needs. I live in Virginia Beach and own a house in South Carolina. Plum Quick is just off my route to SC so I could save in shipping by using them and if I had a problem then that would be same cost savings. I plan on getting a second cart that the kids won't ride and punching it out to 72 or more and I am going with a D&D when I start that project. Thanks in advance for you help.


I've never used a PQ motor but I've used many EMP's and have had very good luck with them on E-Z-GO carts. I've read a lot of posts about the basic PQ motor on another forum but have yet to see results as good as the EMP motors. I know PQ does have some higher end motors that seem to perform very good on Club Cars but the cost goes up on those and I haven't seen any reviews or heard anything about them for E-Z-GO carts. Both companies have very good support so your covered there either way. My honest opinion is if you're not looking at upgrading your controller, forward and reverse switch, cables etc. you're better of going with the EMP especially with a E-Z-GO cart. Living close to PQ is a plus for you though and I'm sure you'll be happy with either motor. Here's a link to a topic from a couple years ago on the comparison, not a whole lot of info but it's something to consider.


I could never get any straight forward information on the plum quick motors from anyone with an ezgo golf cart. I searched everywhere and I came up with nothing. Most of the people I see with plum quick motors are using clubcars running higher voltage and that didnt do me any good. I called plum quick and talked with someone and they told me they had not done much testing with ezgo motors which didnt sit well with me.
I think they deal with mostly clubcars from what Ive seen.


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I offered the PQ boys my cart as an E-Z-Go prototype test bed for any motor they wanted to try out, never heard back...


I have delt with PQ personally quit a bit on Club Cars. They are great people and have a great setup. They tell you the truth when they say they haven't worked on the Ezgo's much.
I have been tring to get Mr. Steen to do more research on them but if you go to their shop and see the business he has just for Club Cars you would understand.
I do know they have a upgrade for the PDS Ezgo cart motor, which I plan to do next time I'm at the house at the beach.


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Thanks for the replys. I took my motor to PQ on Sat Morning and took a tour of their shop. I was impressed with the operation. Their main business is definetly CC's but they said that they've been working on Ezgo motors more and more. I'll have it back next week and I'll keep you guys up with how it works.