EMP Electric 2 Speed Golf Cart Motor Review

Here's my review of Electrical Motor Products better known as EMP motors 2 Speed Golf Cart motor.

I have an old 1977 Melex 36 volt golf cart. The only new motor available for it is the stock 2 H.P. motor at around 500.00 bucks! :eek: After beeting my head in and almost buying a later model rear end I heard acout Electrical Motor Products EMP Motors. I called and spoke to Andrea first and she said she would have her husband Chuck call me so he could discuss my options. 9 P.M. Chuck calls me up (poor guy must be busy) we chat for like an hour or so. 149.00 dollars for the 2 speed option. They took my motor and re-worked it. When I got it back I thought they had shipped me a new motor, NOPE It was just a really professional job. So now to put it in....the usual ..few bolts here and there..Put the juice to her an WOW!!!! MAN THIS THING FLIES!!! Still 36 volt. I also bought his switch kit but ended up not needing it because it made so much power I leave it in HIGH speed mode. 1 1/2 years later the thing still flies, the park security guy has gotten on to me because they have a speed limit! I always tell him it wont go any slower. :D I was gonna upgrade to 48 volts but it would be way to fast for my kids!!!

I give the EMP 2 speed a 10 out of 10 for price (149.00 dollars for the 2 speed option) (50 dollars for the "not really needed" switch kit)

I also give the EMP 2 speed an 11 out of 10 for performance. :thumbsup:


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I looked at the companies website and the info was promissing, as was your review. I wonder, though, did you need to do any controller upgrades or anything? I have read a lot about upgrade "kits" and the like, but the cost is so high, and I wonder if this would be right for me...

Thanks for your review


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I was about to ask for an opinion on EMP's 2 speed deal. I just got off the phone with Andrea and she said I don't need to upgrade my controller, wires, or solenoid. She said that they will redesign my motor within the limits of the stock stuff in my 2001 Ezgo series 36v TXT. I just put a 7 in. Big Buggies lift and I agree with ACE, the lift is built solid! Next, 12in. ITP's with 25in. Alltrails. :thumbsup:

The price for the motor redesign has gone up a little. It's $225 now but I can understand that with the price of copper going through the roof.

I'm new to this site and I've read a lot of useful info. Thanks for the Great Site.


Thanks for the compliments on the site... :cool:
I'm sure you'll be happy with the EMP motor. Andrea and Chuck are great people to deal with and they know their stuff when it comes to electric motors. Keep us updated on the EMP motor and feel free to start a thread on your cart in the members cart section.