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i have had a 07 emerge E4(stretched) for about 3 weeks now. i have looked at every web site and read every forum trying to gather info about this cart.

i have a set of 12inch ITP wheels with low profile tires. Yamaha lug nuts are the same thread pattern and work with custom wheels.
i have a Grant challenger steering wheel. i just found out today i need the adapter for an EzGo to fit the wheel to the Emerge.

i am working on installing a radio. i built 2 small boxes for 5.25" speakers. they fit on the "fire wall in the foot up front.
I built 2 boxes a little bigger for the back passenger foot area that hold 6.5" speakers.
Now I am working on or at least thinking about how and where to install the actually radio. the ball holder in the dash seems to be the best place but a frame support makes the radio stick out about 1.5 inches too far. i am not sure how to mask this problem and don't really like it. but so far i dont' have any better ideas. i was wonder if anyone has the woodgrain dash. or if anyone knows how it fits around the ball holder area. that may conceal part of the radio sticking out.

sorry for such a long insert but i have a lot on my mind and am eager to learn from others experience or maybe help someone else with this fairly new cart.


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i am finally getting around to installing my radio. i built speaker boxes for the front and rear floor boards. I have 5.25 speakers in the front and 6.5 speakers in the rear. i may install a small amp and small sub under the front seat later.

for the stereo unit itself i decided t mount it over head. i bought a surface mount stereo mount from a local boating accessories shop. i think it is from either poly planar or bose. both were pretty much the same and i don't remember which one i got.
anyway it mounts beautifully in the roof and tilts so the face is easier to see. I used the wires from the electric wipers to power the radio so i only had to run 1 power wire to the key and the speaker wires. I have not completed the project but i have a good start. hopefully it will be done my Saturday afternoon.


Sounds like a nice setup....

Post some pics when you get a chance...


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no you have to connect to the hot wire before the wiper switch. it works whenever the key switch is on.