Emerald Coast Dragway


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This game would be so much easier if there was a track that close to me. 3 tracks closest to me are all 2 hours one way.


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I'm about as slow as a can of molasses in Rods back yard this time of the year. Maybe that's why I don't get it. Who gives a chit !!! This post is as dumb as some of mine. S000oooo !!! They are opening a bikini wax shop next to me. Should be open by Memorial Day. About a spit from me. See how dumb that sounds !!!

HOLY S*** DS... O M Gosh !!! Damn it !!! I get it now !!!! :thumbsup: Your going to host a golf cart drag race on Memorial day :thumbsup: That's bad ass !!!! I got to take my bikini over to have it wax. :rotflmao:


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Emerald Coast Drag way has been open for awhile now
Setting my black 55 up for track and making my orange 55 street/track

My 25 year old will drive the black one and umma drive orange one


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Atmore is closed to me now since we moved. Gonna try both
Got the wife's approval to take her cts v out to test and tune
2017 with 640hp