Eliminating the OBC on '96 48V Club Car


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I've been using a smart charger for the past 2 years since the OBC stopped turning the charger on. I'm now painting and upgrading the cart and want to remove the OBC completely. Curtis controller and the solid state speed control with triangular plug. What do I need to rewire to do this?
I'm looking to do exactly the same thing on a 97 DS 48 volt with a V Glide. I ordered a set of batteries from Bigbattery.com with their smart charger.

I want to remove the charging port and the obc, but I can't make heads or tails of the wiring diagrams.
If it is a series cart you just add a negative wire from the solenoid coil to B- on the controller to replace the yellow OBC wire, and the rest you can just rip out.
Since my battery kit comes with a bus bar I should be able to run that wire from the low side of the solenoid to the negative side of the bus bar (since the B- is already connected to the negative busbar) instead of going from the solenoid to the B- on the controller, right?

It would be easier because I'll have to be a bit of a contortionist to get to the B- terminal on my controller.