Electronic Timer for 48 Volt CC


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The OBC on my 1996 48 volt CluB Car recently went belly up. I contacted Golf Cart Outfitters about the timer they sell. I purchased one from them this past Monday on line at a great price compared to everyone else. As soon as my order was processed Todd e-mailed me to let me know they were out of stock but he would be able to ship me one on Wednesday. Sure enough I received the confirmation of shipment on Wednesday and received the timer on Friday. With the detailed instructions it was no trouble to install and works fantastically.
Thanks Todd. Next time I need something for my cart I will be contacting Golf Cart Outfitters again.


Glad to hear Golf Cart Outfitters took care you you...


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Too many times people are quick to complain about dealings with different businesses but seldom will they take the time to let people know when a business does things how they should be done.
It is pretty hard to have anything bad to say about someone doing business who keeps you informed and does what they say they are going to do. Unfortunately these days a lot of people and businesses forget customer service and then they wonder what happened to all their customers.