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I went through the electrical troubleshooting flow chart found on this site. Working on an old junker still, I dont have the best batteries. I only get about 32.5 volts out of them. Could this give a "Controller failure" result? If I have to I'll take the batteries out of my four-wheeler and mower just to complete the testing (to achieve 36 volts). I'm just trying to determine if the cart is worth the trouble. I already have about 4 hours of welding done just to repair the frame. Wasting time is one thing. Wasting money on batteries just to find out I still need a controller is another


I doubt if the cart will move with only 32.5 volts. You'll need 36+ volts to do any reliable tests. The motor can be tested with 12 volts.


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Well I figured it out. Thank GAWD LOL. I ran it up to 39 volts with a 6 volt lantern battery. That got me further along in the flow chart. The result was check the red wire from the ITS. It was actually the black.....cut clean thru with a sawzall, when I was working on the frame. Any way, I got the motor to turn in forward and reverse. So, now I guess I go buy the batteries. Found them at a local Sam's Club for $71.00. I already made up the cables with some old welding leads I had hanging around. Anyway, thanks for everyone's help. Once I get it painted up I'll post some more photos. Thanks again Guys!