Electric vs. Gas Golf Carts for Pulling Race Car


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I have a question about Electric vs. Gas Golf Carts for Pulling Race Car. I purchased a used 2007 Club Cart two years ago with a stock gas engine. The use for this golf cart is to tow an 1,800 lb. dragster around the pit area at the drag tracks. The cart has enough power to do the job, but we’ve found we could definitely use additional speed and torque. When I bought the cart two years ago, I stretched my budget as far as I could. The dealer told me the new electric carts are pretty fast and would probably do a better job pulling the dragster around. But I couldn’t afford a new one at the time. I’m looking at possibly upgrading.

Does anyone have any advice about the power and torque of a new electric cart vs. an older gas cart? I have read the spec info online, but I’m looking for someone’s input that has driven these newer carts. If a new electric cart isn’t going to help me much, I may look at an engine swap to a bigger one in my existing cart.



The electric golf cart will have more torque and pulling power than a stock gas golf cart. The only problem you may run in to with using a electric golf cart to pull your race car would be overheating on the electronics especially if driving at slower than full speed. Sorry for the late reply and welcome to the forum. :hattip: