Electric ST 2+2 for farm?

Elmer Fudd

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The wife and I have a (pine tree) farm of 360 acres, mostly flat, main sand/gravel roads, some rougher firebreak roads, with a couple 30 foot uphills. I was considering an electric ST 2+2 with fold down rear seat and canopy for the wife to use, going for rides with the 3 kids and for guests to use. I might use it in hunting season because of how quiet they are. I like the lack of noise for wildlife viewing and ease of maintenance. Would not be used for heavy work hauling, as I have a pickup, ATV, tractor, etc. for that. It would mainly be used on weekends.

It sounds like the PDS system is the better option for hills.

Would this be a good solution? Anyone have any experience or comments? I am a complete newb to carts. A friend brought a used gas one with a lift kit out once and I liked it a lot, although it had a tough time on the big hills (the owner said the engine needed some work).



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I'm not real familiar with the ST series but with the TXT you have more torque and slower top speed with a stock series cart compared to the stock PDS, Their's a lot more upgrade options for power with a series cart also.


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I agree with HotRod
The TXT series cart (has the forward/reverse switch on the by your leg) would be better for the hills. It has a lot more torque that the pds. It is a little slower, but there are several ways to speed it up. Good call on the electric if you are thinking of using it for hunting. Ive got one set up for hunting and dont have to get off the cart. Its nice to be able to ride right up on the wildlife also

Elmer Fudd

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Thanks for the comments. After talking to the dealer, looking at specs, and reading some comments I am now looking at an RXV Shuttle 2+2 with 20" offroad tires. That would give me a 5.5 " clearance. The rear seat won't fold, but that should not be much of an issue. It sounds like the RXV system has a lot better power and range than the conventional series or PDS carts and is the way the whole product line will go within a few years.