Electric or Gas EZGO Golf Cart


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I am looking at getting a golf cart, either a 2000 EZGO gas or a 2001 EZGO Electric. The electric golf cart is $300 more than the gas.

Which cart would be best for cruising around the neighborhood, some gravel and dirt trails/roads?

Which cart would be less maintenance and cost less to keep going in the long run?. What has more range, a full charge or full tank of gas?

Thank you for your advice.


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tbow752, Welcom to the Forums!

I am a long time proponent of Electric over Gas, but for trail riding I believe a gas cart is better suited. You can always take a small gas can with you, but you sure as heck can't take more batteries.

It really depends on how far you plan to go from base camp (aka a charging station). A fully charged pack can go 30 miles or so on even terrain. Throw hills and trails at a pack and it will discharge much quicker.

FYI, I have climbed steep hills in our campground with my electric cart that lifted gas carts couldn't conquer. Can't beat that torque curve of a good sparky!