Electric Golf Cart Battery Maintenance and Storage

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Electric Golf Cart Battery Maintenance and Battery Storage

Only add distilled water before charging if the level is below the plates. Then you would add until the plates are just covered. Then fill to proper level after fully charged.
The level will rise as the batteries are charged. So if filled to proper level before charging they will leak out of the caps while charging.
Proper level is just below the sleeve that you will see in each cell.
If your cart has a On Board Computer or OBC it's best to let the charger run until the charge cycle is complete and the chargers shuts off.

For winter storage, batteries must be clean, fully charged and disconnected from any source of electrical drain.
For all golf carts, turn the key switch to "OFF".
If your golf cart has a run tow switch flip it to the tow position.
As with all electric golf carts, batteries must be checked and recharged at a minimum of 30 day intervals or required as needed. You do not need to have your golf cart continuously plugged in and charging over the duration of long term storage. If you do leave your automatic battery charger plugged in during storage you MUST check and add distilled water as needed.
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