electric club car will not go fast in reverse


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I just bought a 1990 club car to take tothe baseball games at Mississippi state. The last owner replaced the 6 6 volt batteries with 3 12 volt batteries. The cart seems to run good when going forward but is really slow and sometimes stops when in reverse. This is my first cart.. what could be the problem?


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The older carts are usually wired for lower voltage in reverse (half Speed which would be 18 volts) and with three batteries your most likely on 12 volts for reverse, look over you batteries and find an extra wire on one battery this can be moved to 24 volts (two batteries) or 36 volts (3 batteries)


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Well, you have received a plethora of Attaboys from me. Just never verbalized them, that's all.


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When your ready for batteries go back to 6 volt.......chances are the 12 volts are just deep cycle batteries and that dosn,t help matters and yes its a 1/2 speed reverse but cart shouldn,t stop........if they are just deep cycle batteries your only gonna get 2 years max so you might want to start with testing them.