Electric Cart Run Time ??


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Hello Gang,
I currently have a 2006 EZGO Sport 2+2 gas, I am considering selling/trading my 2+2 and purchasing a smaller EZGO electric cart. I like to ride Peachtree City trails and my jacked up big sport model is actually not the best for riding on paths made for standard golf carts. My concern is the run time on electric carts, I sometimes exceed 2hrs of run time during a full day riding the paths. I like the quiet of the electrics, but , wonder if I shud pick out another gas cart ??


The run time will vary depending on terrain,speed,etc. You should get 2+ hours or 20-30 miles of actual runtime with good batteries.


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ya, i would say at least 2+ hrs. of non stop driveing. think of it another way, average joe golfer takes 4+ hours to play a round, ya, it might only go 50 ft. then 100ft.
but they really put the test to the batteries, Ezgo states that with a full and healthy battery pack it should go 36 holes, thats like 6+ hours. only if you take good care of the batteries and connections. i have the exact 2x2 same year also, i wouldnt trade it for electric, but thats just me