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I'm new to the carting world and came across this site doing some research so I figured I'd tap into the knowledge base for a little help. I've been looking around for a few weeks for a cart for Jr, the wifey and I to run around the neighborhood in. The terrain is mostly flat pasture land with some 5 foot drainage ditches that would be crossed here and there. I would like a CC Precedent with about a 6 inch lift, rear seat and extended top. From what I can tell the going price for that in my area is around 4K. Since I'm pretty handy with tools so I started researching how much trouble it was to install a lift kit on a stock CC since I can get one for about 2K. The lift kits seem pretty simple for someone with mechanical knowledge but I'm not sure how cost effective it would be to purchase the parts and do the work myself. Can anyone provide some insight on how much it would cost to modify a stock cart to meet my desires? Also what is the differences in the lift kit types, A-arm vs spindle any advantage to either? I was also eyeballing the Allsports 7.5 lift instead of the 6 inch, would the bigger lift be more wear and tear on the drivetrain, or would it be the same as the 6 inch?


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It really would depend on what the cart for 4K has done do it and what type of parts were used. When you start adding the cost of the parts up it doesn't take long to spend 2K if you're buying a lift, tires, wheels, rear seat, extended top, etc. Installing the lift is pretty easy on any type of lift.

I would say if you can buy one already done the way you like it and done right for 4K you'll be better off money wise than buying a stock cart for 2K and doing it yourself.

Are you looking at gas or electric carts?


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Thanks guys. I was looking at an electric cart. I spoke with a local shop and he said the only real advantage to getting a gas cart was if you didn't have time to charge the electric one. Would you agree?