Early '94 EZ GO won't go


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Cart started acting up in '08. Sometimes it wouldn't move in fwd/rev, but we'd hear a click when depressing accelerator. It would finally move after continuous letting up and depressing of the pedal. Then it started to slow on hills, so we'd have to push it like the Flinstones...lol! It would also get temperamental after rain? We'd have to Flinstone start it again. We ran it for 2 seasons like that, but it's worse now. It ran great for 3 trips around the yard 2 weeks ago after coming out of storage and cleaning some connections, then it died on an incline. Our repair guy, who has most experience with Club Cars, tested the batteries, replaced any battery wires that seemed damaged, cleaned and tested the selonoid, tested the speed controller and found power goes in but doesn't come out of controller. He told me to buy a 3 amp diode and the 250 Ohm resistor from Radio Shack. I called Radio Shack and they need to know volts for diode (50v, 200v or 400v) and wattage for resistor (would a 220 Ohm, 1/2 watt, 5% power work?) Does anyone know the proper volts and wattage of these parts?



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Here's the value for the resistor and the diode part number for a stock 36 volt golf cart. I doubt if either has anything to do with you cart running slow but you should have both on the solenoid.

Resistor - 250 Ohm 10W
Diode - 1N4004 1A


Does the cart move at all now? If no does the solenoid click when you push the pedal? Take a look at the cables connected to the forward and reverse switch. Make sure they're tight and look for signs of heat on the switch board. If it looks like it's been hot you may need new contacts in the switch. Check the switch first and let us know what you find...