Early 2000s Yamaha, New Interstate Batteries


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I have what I believe is an early 2000s golf cart. I just purchased it recently; only paid $200 for it.. I painted it and added new Interstate batteries.. a few things I’ve noticed: the cart runs ok on a flat surface but going up a hill it slows to a crawl..it also clicks in what sounds like the wheels.. lastly it looks like the rear differential casing is cracked and rear axle bent some.. but it still runs.. anyway, any thoughts on why so slow going up hill even though flat surface is ok? Also, what type of $ would it take to replace rear axle and differential? Suggestions to get it running better?


New batteries will take a few charge cycles before they will provide full power they are capable of so the uphill speed may get better. Are any cables, solenoid, forward and reverse switch or controller getting hot? As far as the clicking noise can you pinpoint where it's coming from? Does it click all the time when moving? You might want to check the lug nuts to make sure their not loose. Nice looking golf cart and welcome to the forum. :hattip:


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Thanks so much for the reply. I haven’t been able to check to see if the things you mentioned are getting hot, but definitely will do over the next few days..it makes sense on charging the batteries through a few cycles to get full power. Thanks again for the thoughts!