Early 1960's Toro Golf Cart Value?


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I am trying very hard to find out the value and any other information about a Toro electric golf cart from very early 1960's . I have looked everywhere on the internet and coming up short. I am trying to get values for this particular cart. I have one in very very good condition. I do believe it is a 1960 model due to the vin #. It is a 4 wheeler & the exterior has been completely restored. It has two brake pedals and the steering wheel slides side to side so both people can drive it. It has 2 storage compartments behind the both seats & both seats can be swiveled out for ease of stepping out of cart. It is a 36 volt and it is without batteries. I can get new Trojan batteries for it for approx $100 each & it will take 6 batteries.

I am hoping someone on this site can help me with values for this cart or tell me where I can go on the internet to find help.

I have photos if it will help me get some answers. Thanks in advance for any help.


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The Toro isn't worth a lot unless you can find a collector or someone who's into the old carts. I would say it's worth up to $1000 if its in super nice condition and running like it should.
Post some pictures of it and we can give you a better idea. Vintage Golf Cart Parts has some good information on the Toro Golf Carts also...


It's definitely clean. :eek:

Honestly I'm not sure what it's worth considering it's condition. If you can find the right buyer who's into collecting vintage golf carts you should be able to get a decent buck out of it...

Maybe someone else on the forum can give you a better idea on its value...

Thanks for posting the pictures. :thumbsup: