Eagle Golf Cart Info


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I just bought an Eagle Golf cart and I am looking for some information on it.

First I am looking for a Wiring Diagram. The Cart actually runs but the lights do not work and I was hoping to find a Wiring Diagram to save some time on troubleshooting.

Next I am looking for a source for Parts. The Brakes do not work at all. It appears to be bone dry on Brake Fluid (hard to tell because the Master Cylinder is under the front Fiberglass Panel and is not easy to get to. I am thinking it might need to be rebuilt along with the 2 rear Wheel Cylinders.

I have attached a couple of pictures of it if that helps.




Nice looking Eagle. There's a few wiring diagrams in the resource section of the forum. The lights may be aftermarket. Welcome to the forum. :hattip: