E-Z-GO Valve Adjustment

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EZGO Golf Cart Valve Adjustment

Start with a cold engine.

Remove 6 valve cover bolts, and pry off cover:


Clean o-ring surface(blue arrows) carefully. Do not drop dirt in any holes.
Check o-ring for damage, and make sure it is fully seated in cover(red arrows). Do this now, you'll be too excited later, and forget:


Pick a valve. Turn cam lobe DOWN by rotating drive clutch by hand(red arrow): Loosen adjuster locknut 1/4-1/2 turn.


Insert .004" feeler gauge between cam, and lifter(red arrow): Turn adjuster until feeler gauge has very slight drag, but is free.
(EZGO calls for .004 which is fine for golf - .006 is better for longs runs.)


Hold the adjuster with a screwdriver, and tighten lock nut as shown. Then re-check with feeler again. Now, do the same for the remaining valves. The middle two are the intakes.


Re-install cover(check the o-ring again). Tighten bolts to 5 ft/lbs.

***NOTE: No feeler gauge handy? if you lightly bottom the adjuster against the valve, then back off 1/4 turn on the adjuster, you will be very close to .005. Using a feeler gauge is highly recommended"***
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