E-Z-Go TXT Rear Fender Flares


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Gonzo, I went to Members Golf Carts page and found a couple pics of your cart with the flares and a couple of other CC DS with them. Was able to enlarge to point where I could see the installations pretty well and printed them for reference.



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Once I had some photos I was able to place flares on the existing flares where they fit perfectly fore and aft, where back of bolt mounting surface was flush on existing flares.

Quality product!!!

I may have to purchase front flares too. I will decide by wet road test and "looks" of having rear only.


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Now to get some more black trim & supports (replace/paint aluminum).

Then I have to decide on seat re-covering. Thinking all white, gray and white or black and white. Any thoughts from you (and others) would be appreciated.

Then possibly a controller and/or motor upgrade. Don't want to loose any torque, but would like more speed. Worry about that when I get to it.

THEN, a .32 Ford Roadster, black with yellow and red flames!

THEN, who knows........