E-Z-GO TXT Hard To Start


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I have a 2000 E-Z-GO TXT gas golf cart that's hard to start and you have to choke every time. Once it gets going it runs fine. It has a new carburetor, new fuel pump and I adjusted the valves, also seems to have gas fumes. Any ideas?


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Its just the nature of that beast, sometimes a 350 carburetor will fix it but its sounds like its a little to late for that.
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I am going to talk about something that makes these and all golf carts start up good with out a lot of choke as long as there are no other problems.

The most important is the fuel mixture at idle. Then the idle speed. The other thing people do is push the pedal to the floor when starting off and if you do that you will need the choke unless the engine is hot.

1) Set the idle speed so the cart idles.

2) Adjust the idle mixture for max idle rpm ( correct mixture).

3) Set the idle speed or lower it to the desired speed.

4) Make sure the throttle cable is not opening the throttle plate before the micro switch is activated.

In order to do this You can jack the cart up a bit (wheels off the ground) and put it in neutral.

You will need to hold the gas pedal down just enough to activate the micro switch.
(adjust the throttle cable first)

What this will do is the moment you touch the gas pedal and activate the starter/ run switch

The engine will be turning over and running at idle since the idle fuel mixture will be correct for combustion.

Once the cart is running and you have combustion the cart will take off when you press the pedal down with out needing a choke.

This will make any cart start up better and take off with out using the choke. I have done this with Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Club Car golf carts and it works every time.


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Compression below 130 also is another cause. The pressure coming from the engine is not adequate to activate the pump diaphragm. Also check for leaks in the fuel line.