E-Z-GO Starts Going As Soon as you Put it in Gear


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Hey guys,

I just recently bought this 1994 E-Z-GO Marathon golf cart, I am having a few issues with it.

1: when you put it in gear it starts going immediately and the key isnt needed you just put it in gear and go , the prev owner said it started after the tech at the dealer installed some lights on the front. I dont want them so if I get the wiring back to factory spec will this fix the problem?

2: the cables are corroded I have read some threads about 4g and think thats the way but need confirmation.

3: I put a multimeter across the six batteries and got 36v so i think they are good, should I just keep them topped up with water or add some battery acid?
I also want to add a battery gauge and bought the EZGO gauge at the local dealer but there was no instructions on wiring... 3 poles help!



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If the lights are wired correctly they shouldn't effect the way the cart operates. It does sound like something isn't wired correctly. There's a wiring diagram for your cart in the resource section if you want to take a look at it and see if you can find the problem.

If the cables are corroded I would replace them all with 4 guage.

Is your volt meter you checked the batteries with digital? 36 volts is low for a 36 volt battery pack. You should see about 39 volts 1 hour after a charge cycle, about 6.5 volts per battery.

For the battery gauge 2 terminals are pack positive and negative and the 3rd terminal goes to the switched side of the key switch so the meter turns on and off with the key. The back of the meter should be marked.

There's a wiring diagram for installing the state of charge meter in your golf cart in the Resource section of the forum.


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Thanks for the links and advice, I will take some before and after pics and get it done with your advise.