E-Z-Go Speaker Install?


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Does anyone know of a better way to install stereo speakers on my E-Z-Go? I am not too fond of the stereo and speakers mounted to the underside of the roof (Very expensive & I like to ride around with the top off). I would like to mount them on the charging plug panel, but I think that would take away from the sound? I would like to mount them in the cubby holes in the dash panel, but how? Any suggestions out there?


The best way to mount them in the glove boxes would be to make covers that fit over the openings and mount the speakers on the covers.

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Like Bad to the Bone said,just make up blanks to cover the openings and cut out for whatever speakers you wish to install.The same for the radio,just cut an opening in the dash to fit.Here is a picture of the stereo in Casper.


OOPPS!!! Just noticed the trim around the radio is missing.In the past it has fallen off when the weather gets cold,will wait for spring to reinstall.


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Thanks for the info guys. I lost interest once the weather turned cold. Now that it has started to warm back up, I am back on the golf cart project. I found what I think I am looking for. They are CustomSpeakerPods.com and they sell several different speaker enclosure options. Has anyone out there bought from them? Are their speaker mounts easy to install?


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I made up custom steel boxes to mount to the floor right below the glove boxes they work real well and allow for use of the boxes.
I like to cut the speakers in under the cupholders. You can't go very big on the speakers but it is the best hidden place to have the speakers!! I think the speakers I use are 5"??