E-Z-GO PDS Electric Diagnostic Mode

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EZGO PDS Golf Cart Diagnostic Mode
E-Z-GO PDS Diagnostic Mode:

To place the E-Z-GO PDS Golf Cart in diagnostic mode, with the key in the 'OFF' position, move the 'Run Tow Maintenance' switch to the 'RUN' position, move the Forward and Reverse switch from 'Neutral to Reverse' five times...

The first series of beeps (one. two, three or four) will indicate the performance option (chip - plug) that the PDS golf cart is equipped with. The second series of beeps will indicate the fault code (one, two, three or four more beeps). By reading the decal attached to the controller cover, or by reading the PDS Diagnostic Mode Fault Code Chart you can determine the the fault code, its symptoms and corrective action to be taken.

It is critical to the diagnostic procedure that the reverse buzzer is operational and can be verified by placing the EZGO PDS golf cart in reverse. Switching the run tow switch to tow will take the EZGO PDS golf cart out of diagnostic mode


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