E-Z-GO Golf Cart Tires and Rims


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Now that I have got the noisy 98 E-Z-GO electric golf cart quiet it's time for tires and rims, my cart is street only with some gravel what type of rims and tires should I run


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I recently did the 4" lift with 20" all terrains on 8" tires. We have taken on dirt roads and well-beaten dirt and gravel trails without any problems. That's about as "hairy" as we are going to get with our cart. This thing is simply to look good going to the grocery store/hardware store/starbucks/baseball practice/the neighborhood pool/dropping the kids of at school/my parents house/friends house. With the 4" lift you don't really get any ground clearance, that comes with the tires. I think you could squeeze 22's in there without rubbing. But if I were going to do any trail driving in our cart I would upgrade to a drop axle lift (5" or 6") with 22" maybe 24" tires on 10" rims.

So many choices :wallbash:


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The cart is not lifted and I would like to go with a low profile tire on standard size rims. I had not considered a lift but it is not out of the question


Your best bet is look around at the catalog sites and find a tire and wheel you like. Theres a lot of choices so it's a matter of taste. I like Carlisle tires and they have many to chose from so again it's a matter of taste and where you'll be using the cart...


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I have not seen any lo-pro tires for 8" rims. 10" rims however, no problem, plenty of choices: