E-Z-GO Golf Cart Electrical Problem


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My daughters 1989 E-Z-GO electric golf cart developed a electrical problem. While she was driving it, the golf cart just stopped. There is a clicking noise from the solenoid under the seat when you press the accelerator. am not very good at electrical problems, should a bought a gas golf cart I guess. Any help would be appreciated.


Does the solenoid only click once or it it a continuous clicking?
Check all the cable connections and make sure they're clean and tight.


Just because it clicks doesn't mean it's working. I changed 2 solenoids yesterday on the same cart before I got one to work.


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it clicks constantly while the accelerator is pressed. i believe that it is the original one that came on the cart.


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A solenoid that clicks constantly is either failing internally, or is not getting enough voltage to stay engaged. Is the pack fully charged?


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thanks for the input. you guys rock..... took it to the local cart shop. seems that one battery was bad, only putting out 4.5 volts then none when under stress. it amazes me that one battery could be such a pain in the butt. on the upside.....i did get to find out that my gxt804 will to her cart just fine lol.