E-Z-GO Golf Cart 48 Volt New Batteries Dead in 10 Minutes Found Loose Cable

mick keehan

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Hello, I am new to the golf cart community. I recently bought a 2015 E-Z-GO golf cart 48 volt. I bought 6 new batteries and put them in myself, which was quite an experience, needless to say. I road the golf cart the first day and the batteries didn't last as long as I had wanted. Maybe 30 minutes worth driving. So I figured that I better charge up the batteries, since maybe the new batteries weren't fully charged when I installed the new batteries in the golf cart. So I charged it 24 hrs and noticed that it had a red blinking light after charging it, instead of the solid green light, which it says it should have. I took it out and it lasted 10 minutes before going dead. I was dumbfounded, I couldn't figure out why it went dead so quickly. I went back into my cables and found one of the cables on the battery was really loose. Would that affect the rest of the batteries? I'm charging it again now, I'm hoping to get a solid green light this time. Could it be dying so quickly for any other reason? The batteries were like $600, I want this thing to work.
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Yes a loose cable could cause the golf cart to have short run time and the batteries not to charge correctly. A loose cable can will also get hot and can melt the battery terminal. You should really charge new batteries before you use the golf cart. Let the charger run until it shuts off and see if you get the green light. If not you'll need to take a voltage reading on each battery to see if there might be a problem with one. Welcome to the forum. :hattip: