E-Z-GO Forward and Reverse Switch Heavy Duty Buss Bars

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EZGO Golf Cart Forward and Reverse Switch

Here's a quick guide on installing heavy duty buss bars in a EZGO forward and reverse switch. You can also use this guide to help with rebuilding a EZGO forward and reverse switch.

First thing to do is remove battery connection from positive and negative for safety reasons.
There are 4 large cables that connect up to the switch. These cables are labeled A,B,C, and D. Make sure you draw a diagram, mark cables and wires or take pictures so you can remember how to put it back together. There are also small wires going to micro switches. Make note of where they go.
Blue arrow shows signs of heat damage.

Here are the parts:

Remove the nut from the shaft and you should be able slide the unit apart. Now you have the unit apart and should look like this, in this picture you can see the contact studs are not lined up correctly.

Work just on one side at a time to make sure everything is put together correctly. Loosen all 4 of the nuts on the contact studs in the cam so there is no pressure from the springs and then replace the buss bar and the contact studs one side at a time. Difference between stock and heavy duty bar.

Make sure you have the contact studs aligned properly and should look like this.

You can also set it on the contact board to check how they line up.

Now put the shaft back through and tighten up the nut. Make sure the rollers on the micro switches are riding on the cam like they should.
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