E-Z-GO Electric Golf Cart With New Batteries Extremely Slow


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I have an older model E-Z-GO electric golf cart. I have changed the resister coils, new batteries, all electrical cable (between batteries), and put new brakes on it, it is still extremely slow, and only has a 20-25 minute run time, doesn't seem to accept a charge. I have tried three different chargers and no help. Everything seems to be in order and either new or good working condition. Any ideas on where to look next?


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1. Make sure all your cables are clean and tight to start with.

2. Check the water levels in each cell making sure each is 1/8" over the plates.

3. Give the batteries a full charge, let them sit about 2 hours and then check the voltage on each with a digital voltmeter. Post the readings you get here and someone will tell you the next thing to do.

4. If you have access to a hydrometer, it would be a good idea to check each battery cell with it also.


If you just put the new batteries in make sure they're all wired in series (positive to negative)...

Post your individual battery voltage readings and take a voltage reading at the charger receptacle and post your results...

Also when filling with water fill to 1/8" below the sleeve in each cell after the batteries are fully charged. 1/8" above the plates on a fully charged is to low and the plates will be exposed as the battery discharges...

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