E-Z-GO Carburetor Rebuild Kit


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I have a 1989 E-Z-GO 2 stroke golf cart and where the linkage hooks up to the rod that goes in to the carburetor body it is a bit wobbley where it enters the carb, like a seal is worn out. Would like to know if there is a rebuild kit that would fix this or if I need to get a new carb. If a new carb is the answer, where is a good place to get one and what model would I ask for. The s/n is 554590, manfc code is K 1989. The only thing I can find on the carb is V18. Thanks for any help. ONe other thing, I have had to run it with the choke on about 90% to keep it running. I haven't run it in about 2 months and now it won't start. I shot a quick sqirt of starting fluid and it fired for just that moment. I also pulled the fuel line at the carb and it is getting fuel to that point.


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Mountain top golf carts sells a slightly bigger new carb works great as I purchased one for same reason. You can also find a golf cart carburetor rebuild kit at any of Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum sponsors.