E-Z Go brake job


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I have a 92 E-Z Go controller cart, Marthon I believe. I want to install new brake shoes, but can't even get the drums off. I've removed The pin that connects the brake cable and the large nut that holds the drum on the axel and the drum comes off slightly past the inside of the brake shoe. The drum can be turned by hand although it's a bit stiff. I'm pretty perplexed. What am I missing? Also any information regarding adjusting etc. that would help me complete the job would be appreciated


Spray a little penetrating oil on the splines where the big nut was. Unhook the cables from the arm that comes out of the backside of the backing plate where the cables are connected. Tap on the drum with a hammer on one side while pulling on the other side. Turn the drum and repeat. Here's a link with pics for doing a brake job on a EZGO.
E-Z-GO Brake Job
What he said!! But there has been a few where I have broken the drum off by trying to get it off!! Sometimes there is not much you can do unless you somehow fab up a drum puller?? Just keep spinning it when hitting it and it will most likely come off.