Driven Clutch Making Noise


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I have a 1994 CC DS that the driven clutch (back pulley by differential) makes a loud noise (not grinding noise but similar).

It only makes the noise when it is in gear and I give it half to full throttle, if I putt around it is fine because the clutch is closed, when it begins to open it makes the noise.

If I put it in neutral and give it gas it does not make the noise when it opens.

I just bought the cart as is and the driven clutch looks new with a purple spring.

Any suggestions where to start?


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I took the belt off and the driven clutch and everything seems to be OK.

The shaft the clutch is on seem to have no play.

The noise starts when the clutch opens up and the belt tightens down.

The noise does not sound like metal on metal, sounds more like the belt grinding inside the clutch.

Also it is very hard to shift while the engine is running, but normal when it is turned off.

It has the type of engine that turns on like a car and runs all the time.


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It looks stock, except for the purple spring in the secondary clutch.

My cart is a Club Car Carryall Transport with the transmission on top of the differential.

I bought it like it is, so I am not sure if the engine is suppose to run all the time or stop when you stop.

I would rather it stop when you stop but not sure how to convert it to that.


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Hey did you figure it out?
Me I thinking having the same issue now after both clutches were replaced by new ones and the secondary seems like doing the grinding belt and those black teeth noise which can be very loud..

can anyone please help me :beer:

I have 2002 Club Car Carryall 1