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My EZ Go golf cart runs good when it is cold. Once it warms up, the clutch acts like it does not want to engage. The engine revs up, but the cart won't move in forward or reverse. Once it cools off, the cart will then move.
Over the past month, I have noticed that the cart was becoming less and less responsive when you hit the gas.
Can the clutch go out on these carts? If so, how can you tell if it needs replacing? Is replacement of the clutch difficult?
Any assistance you could provide would be great. Thanks.


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After further review, here is what I have found:

When my cart is cold, it will start and rev up in neutral. I let the engine run for a bit, and then I can hit the brake, shift into gear, and the motor revs up and the cart begins to move. (A bit sluggish, but it will move.) I can drive it and it will run and move until I come to a stop. I then cut the key off. Once I do, I can cut the key back on and engage the accelerator and the motor will turn over but will not rev up enough to make the clutch engage. The motor will never attempt to start, but will only turn over. I can let it set for 1-2 hours and get back on it and it will turn over, rev up, and the clutch will engage and the cart will move when the transmission is shifted to forward or reverse.

Thought it was my clutch, but now I wonder if I don't have some other type of electrical/engine problem since the motor will not rev up when it gets warm.


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Is this a 4 cycle cart? Have you set the valves? Have you given it a compression test?

Nubs needs to know these kinds of things.


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a year and model wouls help and putting this in the e-z go gas forum as well............having said that the 1st thing you need to do when it quits is find out if its a lack of spark causing it or a lack of could be either one but knowing which one is going to save a ton of time and guess work and when it quits pull the plug wire off and get a spark tester crank motor over see if you have spark to the plug.....if so take the the plug out put back in boot crank over seeif plug is sparking......if you have spark than pull the fuel hose right at the carb crank over see if its pumping what you find.................................


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this is in the ez go gas 4 cycle forum

90% of the time the valves need adjusting, set the valves and do a compression test.