Drive Clutch To Engine Block Distance 16 HP Honda Clone


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I have just received my drive and driven clutch from Carts Plus and am getting ready to install both of them in my 95CC. I am putting the drive clutch on a 16 hp honda clone engine
( Duramax). I am going to have to cut and retap the crankshaft and am needing to know how far does it need to be from the drive clutch to the engine block. I dont want to cut to much off. Also, i dont need the pulley that is on the clutch, can i just take it off?


You want to make sure the drive and driven clutch line up. That's going to determine how much you need to cut off the shaft. Maybe someone out here has used that engine and can give you a better idea on how much needs to be cut off the shaft...


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Our tapered clutch adapter can be positioned anywhere on the shaft, However the closer the adapter is to the block the less force it puts on the crank bearing (stronger) Sometimes engine placement will determine where clutch needs to be mounted on shaft. :thumbsup: